How to become a member

The membership shall be open to accept male or female applicants who must be and prove their age to be 21 years or older.  The charter will be open to accept new members at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

New applicants must be recommended by a member and sponsored by an officer of the Club.  Recommendations must come from someone who has been a member at least twelve (12) months and is in good standing.  All applicants’ names will be posted in the Club for a period of no less than thirty (30) days.  Applicants will be voted on at the next regular meeting for approval.  Application fees will be posted annually

Applicants are not considered members until they receive their cards, which will be mailed to them.  Any applicant rejected may not apply again until one full year has passed.
Members opposing proposed applicant should discuss this with the sponsor prior to the regular meeting.  Only members may attend meetings.

Guests of members are welcome in the Club two (2) times per year.  On the second visit they must be ready to apply for membership if they wish to return.

Renewal dues will be accepted yearly beginning in October of each year ending January 31. Members who fail to pay their dues by this date are considered delinquent and will be dropped from the membership roll.  Renewal dues will be posted each year.

Life membership will be offered to anyone sixty-five (65) years of age or older with ten (10) years of consecutive membership at the time of application or twenty-five (25) years of consecutive membership (must be verified by club records).

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